Thursday, August 21, 2008

Manifest Hope Gallery show in Denver

I'll be showing two pieces at the Manifest Hope Gallery in Denver next week. It's all part of something called the Democratic National Convention, which I'm told is a party or something.

You've seen this one below, but it always felt a little rushed to me (it was done on a very tight deadline), so I put in a few more hours on it for the show.

One of the key terms for the Obama campaign is change, so I came up with this to riff on that. It's gouache and my new favorite tool, ballpoint pen.


Jean Kelleher said...

The Obama picture is just brillant. I love the horse frolicking in the background and the big 'b' belt buckle. Nice little details that make this image awesome

John Bivens said...

Hey Lukas, the gouache & ballpoint-pen work at the bottom is awesome. Also, really liking what Brandon has shown of Witch Doctor.

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