Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some Past Publication Work

This cover illustration, done for Willamette Week, went over pretty well. Senator Ron Wyden (right) contacted the paper several times wanting to purchase the original. Sadly, the actual original was an unimpressive little sketch that was scanned and painted digitally. We made him a nice print, I inscribed and signed it, and now I assume it's hanging in either his office or his home.

This is an earlier cover for Willamette Week. I still like the smug expression on the elephant's face -- it says, "I win, lefty."

Here's a few spot illos for Willamette Week. That is one beefy bull. That's a painting of Elliott Smith hanging on the wall in the lower one.

Here are a few I did for the Portland Mercury. On top is Mayor Tom Potter destroying us all. The bottom illo was for an article about chewing Khat leaves . . . those little leaf people aren't going to be so friendly when they find out.

More to come.

The Builders and the Butchers CD cover

I call it the "blogfolio." It's what you do when your website isn't quite done and you need a place for people to see your work. Hope you like!

This album art was done for a local Portland band called The Builders and the Butchers. I'm happy to say that they're getting pretty popular, and are spreading this image around town in the process.