Monday, July 23, 2012

Ah'm Back!

I haven't been posting here for some time, mainly because I've been trying to get an actual site together. Well, I don't really need one. I just need a place to stick all the new stuff I've been doing, so I'm just going update this blog with what I'm working on. If you're stopping by, please do so again! I won't leave you hanging for as long this time, I promise ;)

 This is the initial sketch I did for Witch Doctor: The Resuscitation.  This is the sort of thing Brandon and the folks over at Skybound see first, then I get notes on where they think we should take it.  In this case, we opted not to use the Egyptian motif in the background so as not to give away that element of the story on the cover.  Aaaaand...'s the final!