Saturday, November 24, 2007

ROM with Color

Here is the complete ROM illustration.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

ROM Spaceknight

Jason at Floating World Comics is putting together a benefit show/book for injured comic book writer Bill Mantlo. Here is my submission. It will be finished once I add a layer of color. For more info on the show and book go to

OLD Spot Illustrations pt. 3

Whoops, this one is actually in this week's Portland Mercury, so I guess it's not as old as the rest.

Okay, back to the old stuff:

OLD Spot Illustrations pt. 2

Here are more old spot illos from this year and last year. I just wanted to get a bunch of these posted so people could see a bunch of my past work and not just the stuff I've done most recently.

OLD Spot Illustrations pt.1

Here's a bunch of editorial spot illos from yesteryear.

Anchorage Press Covers

Here are a few covers done for the Anchorage Press in Alaska. Someday I'm going to redo that hand-drawn title on the trash cover just for my own peace of mind.