Thursday, September 20, 2012

Need studiomates!

Hey all, I'm looking for comics/illustration-oriented studiomates to split the cost of my work studio within the month.  Here's the listing I created:

Greetings local comics creators in Portland, OR!  My name’s Lukas Ketner and I’m a local comic book artist/illustrator.  I draw a book for Image Comics called Witch Doctor on Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint.

I’m currently looking for between 1-3 studiomates to fill a large-ish studio at 215 SE Morrison St.  I’ve been in this space for two years now, and it’s served me well.  My current studiomate is leaving at the end of Novenmber, so I need to find some other artists to share the space with soon!

There’s space available to move into immediately, and we can rearrange the studio to fit the needs of newcomers.  There’s even space by one of the two windows available.  The space is pretty big, roughly 730 sq. feet, and seems like it could fit 4 people comfortably, so 2-4 people will have lots of room for multiple workstations/drafting tables/computers/whatever. There are two large windows, a very high ceiling, and a kitchen/wet media area separated by a long bar/countertop. Fridge, microwave, big sink, lots of shelves, etc. Lots of friendly neighbors, mostly artists and creative types, including the advertising firm MUTT. 

 The address is 215 SE Morrison St. #2014. It's right across from the Montage restaurant if you are familiar with the area at all.

Just to give you an idea of pricing, we'd pay $190/mo with three people, and $145/mo with four.  This includes the Comcast internet and renter's insurance, and there's no additional utilities or anything like that.  If interested, drop me a line at!

New Witch Doctor comics coming in November!

Hope you're ready for another round of awesomeness in Arkham, OR.  Witch Doctor: Mal Practice debuts this November!  Beg your folks for an allowance advance, you don't want to miss this one ;)

Here's a look at the cover for the first issue:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ah'm Back!

I haven't been posting here for some time, mainly because I've been trying to get an actual site together. Well, I don't really need one. I just need a place to stick all the new stuff I've been doing, so I'm just going update this blog with what I'm working on. If you're stopping by, please do so again! I won't leave you hanging for as long this time, I promise ;)

 This is the initial sketch I did for Witch Doctor: The Resuscitation.  This is the sort of thing Brandon and the folks over at Skybound see first, then I get notes on where they think we should take it.  In this case, we opted not to use the Egyptian motif in the background so as not to give away that element of the story on the cover.  Aaaaand...'s the final!