Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Icon Motorsports 'Rockets Dead Glare' helmets

I do a lot of helmet designs for Icon motorsports, but I'm not usually allowed to show them to anyone until months to a year later. Here's one that I did a while back that had two different versions for boys and girls.

See this bike? Justin, Rob, and the other Icon guys pulled this sucker up in front of my house to present me with my copy of the helmet. You can't tell in the picture, but this baby has a wicked sound system with a sub woofer the size of a dinner plate under the seat, and HYDRAULICS. Yep, it bounces up and down like a mechanical bull.

They didn't bring the model in the shorts, though...


Andrew Steers said...

Those helmet designs look great! How did you get hooked up with Icon, I am looking to find some non-traditional places for Illustration work, any ideas?? Andrew Steers www.andrewsteers.com

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